Hi, I’m Jess.

I’m a creator, author, modern homesteader, and trained herbalist and this is my newsletter: Eat Between the Lines. I’ll write about the experiences on my farmstead, food and recipes, plants and herbs, and some quirky random stories mixed in. And, wow, do I have stories. From traveling cross country with my chickens to a broom fight with a bobcat (really), I feel like the Farmer’s Insurance commercials — I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.

I blend my love of food with the cuisines of my ancestors, who span from Sicily, France, and the Middle East to Germany, Montreal, and New England. Now I live in the south on a regenerative farmstead in Western North Carolina where I get to add a unique southern flair. 

My love of pasta making, in particular, started in Sicily where I lived with my mother, grandmother and great aunts — learning to make pasta from them was an experience I’ll never forget. I’ve taught pasta making internationally and now run the only stand-alone Pasta Chef certificate program for culinary professionals.

I’ve been an herbalist for over 20 years and I love to incorporate medicinal herbs into my dishes and home to bring an extra layer of health and wellness. My hope is that I will inspire you to explore all aspects of food, plants, flavors, and properties to deepen your connection with what you make. 

My passion was born from a love of food, plants, and the land, and raised on a farm where it all began. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

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About Culinary Farmstead

Classes and Culinary Experiences are held in various locations around the world and on location at our farm in Western North Carolina. We specialize in farmtisanal products produced locally, sustainably, ethically, and passionately as well as curated, hard-to-find or rare specialty items. Dinner parties can be scheduled in a variety of locations from your vacation rental, home kitchen, restaurant, or larger venue. 

At Culinary Farmstead, you'll find a diverse range of cooking, preserving, and plant medicine classes, from basic skills and certificate programs to regional cuisine dinner parties and farm experiences. Whether you're a seasoned cook or homesteader or just starting out, I truly hope my passion for cooking, plants, and living a life closer to the land will ignite your own.

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